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Red Hulks, Green Hornets, and a Daredevil


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So there are even more changes happening to the Daily Rant you've all come to love so much. One, I realized to make it in this cut throat business of blogging (ahem) my titles needed to be more than then "Daily Rant" and then the date. So the titles will do more to reflect the contents off the ranting.

Two, I'm excited to be promoting Mailordercomics.com! Short little audio commercials will now be running at the end of the podcast, so if you want to hear more about MOC (like I like to call them) make sure to listen up to the end of the rant each day. And you should want to hear more because I just ordered Teen Titans: Year One #1 for 74 pennies. Amazing. That means I saved $2.24 and can spend that cash on another comic. More savings from them means more comics for me.


gladiator Now let me remind you, in case you forgot, Daredevil is my boy. And while I've dug his book over the last several years through the Bendis/Brubaker run, there's a piece of me that longs for some old fashion DD tales. The fact that old characters like the Gladiator (the Gladiator Bowen mini bust is at the top of my list for Christmas), Mr Fear, and Turk are resurfacing to reclaim their roles I'm digging the book more and more. In a recent interview with CBR, Ed Brubaker talked Daredevil. Here are some interesting quotes Ed had that I want to share.

"It's sort of an extension of the rage he felt in prison. Now that he's out and tried to rebuild his life he's found the people he cares about are even bigger targets. Mister Fear goes after his wife but he doesn't just try to kill her; he wants to torture Matt by making him watch her go insane and get arrested."

I like this take on coming after Matt. The book needed a break from everyone coming after him time after time with the whole secret identity storyline. But Mister Fear better be careful, cause like Wilson Fisk found after destroying everything in Matt's world many moons ago, "A man without hope, is a man without fear."

"Now that 'Frontline' is over I'm trying to find a way to bring Ben Urich back into the book."

Amen to that. Ben always makes the book more enjoyable. That long history between Matt and Ben is rich. Speaking of rich history. How about bringing back DD's powers with the resurgence of his old foes? We haven't seen a good radar sense panel in a long time.


hulk IGN recently sat down with Jeff Loeb to talk about why the Hulk now looks like a giant hemroid. When asked if the Hulk will have any changes to powers, strength, etc, Loeb sad this:

All you'll know is that Red is different. And not in a good way for the rest of the world."

Now I know Loeb didn't write World War Hulk, so I don't fault him for it. But Jeff, let's back this statement up with a kick ass, take no names, pissed off Hulk. Let's not have a Hulk title that pits him against the rest of the world and then have him go all passive in the final hour.

But this is Loeb and he treats the characters well so I'm along for the ride.

green In other good news, Seth Rogen, the writer for the Green Hornet movie had this to say during an MTV interview:

'It's not using any of the normal superhero movie formats. It's not an origin story. It's more like a regular action movie."

I know that many comic book geeks are ticked off at this pick for writer, but I think it's refreshing to have someone have the guts to make a superhero movie without the first one having to be the origin movie. I'm actually quite tired of the origin movies.

Alright, the rant is over, you have your fix. As always feel free to send in your ideas for the Daily Rant topics or let me know it you want to be a guest on the show. And of course make sure to subscribe to our feed.

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