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MGYG Podcast: The Making of the “Best Comic Book Review System”

Bart and I were talking about our disdain for the American comic book scene recently and we realized we needed a better scoring system for reviewing comics.

A scoring system that could be as objective as possible (we’re still figuring out if this is possible) and score based so we can get a clear numerical picture of how good or bad a comic book is.

In Part One of this podcast we dive in and debate, in public, our thoughts on formulating our ideal scoring system.

We start with the category WRITING, our first of the four major categories of our scoring system.

So jump on in and take a listen to Part One by clicking on the link below or by subscribing and downloading the Me Geek, You Geek podcast on iTunes.

And since I love you and want to make your life easier, here’s a preview of our review system for the Writing category so you can follow along at home. Please remember, this review system is a work in progress so we’ll continue to debate until it’s just perfect.


* For the following 10 questions a possible score of 1, 0 or –1 is to be scored for each question. So after scoring there’s a possible score range of –10 to +10.


  1. Was the story worth telling or did it seem like a “filler” issue?
  2. Was the plot cliche?
  3. Was it an original plot or has it been done in it’s own title before?
  4. Does the story seem to be predicated on “happenstance”?
  5. Did the story influence your emotions?


  1. How would you rate the pacing of the story?
  2. How would you rate the action/or tension?
  3. Was the dialogue accurate?
  4. Is there a cliffhanger?
  5. The “No Prize”: Is there anything major that adds or distracts from the story?

Go ahead, Download the Podcast! (iTunes)

Oh, and will somebody tell me what’s going on in Daredevil please?!?!?!?


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